[HOW TO] Convert your bubble.is web applications into native Android and iOS apps ⚙️

You want to convert your existing bubble.is web app into native iOS and Android apps? This is the right way to do it:


  1. Create your web app on bubble.is until it’s ready
  2. Visit WeSetupYourWebViewApp.com website
  3. Click the “Let’s go” button (it’s the green one! ;))
  4. Choose your desired app output platforms: iOS-only, Android-only or both
  5. Enter the URL of your existing bubble.is web app and define a name for your new app
  6. Click on “Forward” and decide how to handle external URLs in your WebView app. You have two options: 1) Open links and external URL hosts in your own app (default) or 2) Open external URL hosts in Safari/Android System Browser. If you use Facebook/Twitter/… buttons in your app, the second option is your right choice.
  7. In the next two steps, you can add native dialog boxes (like “Hey, thanks for downloading this app” at first run), AdMob banners and/or OneSignal push (all optional).
  8. Upload your icon in 1024 pixels * 1024 pixels image format and finish your app order. Yay, you receive your app source codes for the desired platforms via mail.
  9. Submit the app to the iTunes App Store and/or to Google Play


Yay, let’s celebrate the app launch of your native apps, this is awesome! Enjoy! 🙂