Run and submit iOS WebView apps to the App Store without Mac/macOS 🖥

Want to run your iOS app on your own devices or an iOS simulator? Or even want to submit your iOS app to the App Store to gain access to the millions of global users in the App Store ecosystem? A very cool idea! But how do you solve this plan it if you do NOT own a Mac? As you might know, you will need the Xcode app in order to do all of these plans. And Xcode only runs on macOS (which again only runs on Mac). Don’t worry! We have a cool solution:


Step 1: Download the WebViewGold Xcode template

Step 2: Sign up at MacInCloud as it allows you to rent a virtual Mac online starting at 1 USD per hour (we are not affiliated with the provider of that service). Using that service, you can build your iOS apps based on WebViewGold, even without owning a Mac.

Step 3: Run and/or submit your app as described in the documentation that is included in the WebViewGold app template.


Happy Coding (without your own Mac system!) 😉 Questions, suggestions, anything else? Just text us! 🙂