Handle external links 📲 and downloads 📥 in your WebView app on iOS and Android | GUIDE

Running your personalized app on the devices sometimes restricts you from accessing some of the external information on that device. The setup is considering everything symmetrical and not allows you to have an extended view of information. It can be a major pain when you need to access external links for many reasons. In general, you may have to make some of the essential changes to the codes and overall made of the app. On the other hand, the WebView app template WebViewGold lets you handle all these external links smoothly. It has a defined interface that helps you to manage these external links nicely.

Defining domain and host

The WebView app has the built inability to define the hosting website and domain website separately. It lets the system to identify the action taken on it. There is no coding or differentiation required for the websites manually, but the system can identify the codes independently. It is one of the quick and nice things happen in the app that lets the overall things to be smooth and process in the whole scenario.

Opening external links

Whenever you open the external links on the hosting device, you need to face issues with its interface. It can merge the external link with the hosting link so that it will cause issues for the overall operations. In the case of the WebView app template WebViewGold, things are quite sorted. You can open the external links in the browser app easily instead of your own app. It will help you to run all the external links separately and do not affect your own app. It’s a simple and easy way to make your app work really smart and uninterrupted. All you need is to access the right settings. You are all to go.

Managing the downloads

WebView is not all about opening the external links but managing your downloads as well. When running your application on the host, you should not be worried about the downloads on the site. You can have these downloads saved in another folder easily without interrupting your application operations. The app is designed smartly to help app developers and their managers to keep things aligned and smooth.

Keeping the interface safe

WebView is one of the ultimate solutions that offer you to keep the application interface safe and secure. It does not let the external links and downloads to interrupt the overall application interface. It enables the application to manage the server and domain website separately in a single device. You can turn your web application into an iOS or Android application buy sing just a single link.

Moreover, it lets you operate other things normally be keeping everything in its specified space and position. No eternal links and downloads can ever interrupt the overall application interface or can damage the overall situation. You can have the best application in the budget, totally secured, and fast running and operation on its own.


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