Know the WebView Myths of the developer community – are they true? 📲

The web view is a type of browser which produces hybrid applications packed inside a mobile app for iOS and Android. Mobile applications could be built by using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. with the help of a web view, but it still bundles it as a native app in the App Store.

Myths about Web View and their Correction:

Following are some of the myths about WebView in which people believe in:

1. Faster Pipeline:

A  faster pipeline is a myth, and it cannot be achieved because a code base for one platform is written first for app creation. When it ends, the adaptation to another platform is made. Readymade application on Android does not look and works well for iOS. So if 20% less time is spent on hybrid applications, it will give you the optimal outcome.

2. The App will give a terrible performance if the device is old:

It is a hypothesis that people with old gadgets won’t be able to enjoy the app performance ending up in hang-ups. It may happen in some cases, but an excellent browser engine can run the app perfectly well, even without decreased speed or performance.

3. Hybrid is unsafe:

It is a complete myth that the hybrid app is less safe than native ones. The security level of software relies on the quality of the code. In the case of Webview, some JS stuff is performed by the container, whereas the Native app has its containers.

4.  The solution to all the Problems is a hybrid approach:

All the problems associated with all the struggles of funds, time, or engineering could be solved with a hybrid in general. It can be a solution to the problem, but it doesn’t mean that it will give you a smooth channel. In the end, content is most important.

5. The app should be built natively for a Five Star Result:

With the help of the right technology and proper coding guidelines, un-native behavior can be stopped. The performance of the hybrid applications depends upon the creator of the app.

6. Hybrid apps are of no good:

Several people had a worse experience with a hybrid app, which is why it is difficult to convince them that all hybrid apps are not as bad as they consider it.

7. It is easy to get an app by making HTML5 Responsive:

There was a time when everyone wanted an app, but it is better to make your website responsive and put it in a professional App container like WebViewGold.

8. 50% of the development time is saved by building a hybrid app:

It is a general idea that two apps could be created by using one code base, which would save half of your development time. This time reduction is often not possible because both have different browser engines (Android and iOS). WebViewGold can save you a lot of time.

9. A hybrid app is slower than native:

This is the most commonly used false concept people have, but there are reasons for the hybrid app to be the. It could be because of the software version and performance of the device, which could make the hybrid app slow; otherwise, they can be even faster than native ones.


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