Convert blogs to iOS apps – a smart idea? 💡

Well, when it comes about the conversion of website or blog in iOS app so undoubtedly, there are a bunch of online tools which is available on the net through which you can easily convert your website or blog, but in the end, you might not feel good by seeing the results.

See when it comes about the conversion, so you have to be very picky and selective, especially when you are selecting a conversion tool for iOS. It is sometimes even for the majority is quite a tough deal to pick the right one as the majority of the people are not aware of the development, coding, and apps platforms.

Which conversion is best for iOS?

I have spent hours on the net, and after reading the various articles, what I realize is the right way of converting your website or blog in the iOS app is to pick the native or hybrid apps building options.

Native apps:

When it comes to native so no doubt it is purely a coding source zone which might confuse an ordinary non-specialist but it doesn’t mean you can’t convert your website in the iOS app you can choose the alternative option, and that is hybrid apps building platform.

One of the most significant advantages of native apps is that it offers you a rich user experience that means you can navigate very intuitively and easily access your hardware feature devices without having any fear.

With the help of this app-building, you can create your

  • Flexible custom features
  • Good designs and
  • Great performance strategies

Technologies for native iOS apps:

  • Swift
  • Objective C

(For the database)

  • Realm
  • Firebase and
  • Core data

(For networking)

  • Rx Swift
  • Reactive Cocoa

(For app-building)

  • Fast lane and
  • Fabric
  • iOS Swift (Xcode)

Hybrid apps:

Apart from this, if you pick the Hybrid apps building option, then one of the main reasons for picking the hybrid is that it allows you to use one base code on several other platforms. Secondly, it is an approach that functions and looks like native apps.

The drawback of hybrid apps:

Despite this, there is one drawback of this app building platform and that it requires a constant internet connection, which means if you lose your internet connection so automatically your all effort from the start is trash.

Another alternative approach:

In spite of the hybrid and native apps building platforms, there is also an alternative approach that is also user-friendly and won’t create any hurdles during the time of the website of blog conversion. And that is the WebViewGold app template.

One of the best advantages of this app is that it does not need any coding skills but is still powerful.

Secondly, it also comes up with simplified and automatic run advance features (like Offline Screen, Native Dialogs, Sharing, AdMob, Push Notifications)

So now it’s up to you which converting platform you pick, but before picking the one, make sure that you have your business website purpose, and the reason of switching is in your mind. We wish you the best for your launch! 🙂


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