📈 Mobile Trends 2020 – Introduction to web sites, web apps, and apps


In today’s world, one can see how technology has become part of our life. This breakthrough occurred when the Internet came into being. From communication to office work and education to social life, many things have become easier for us. Amazing thing is that some people are thinking about the post Internet world. However, in this article, we will discuss web sites, web apps, applications, and the tool which converts website to mobile applications.

Web sites:

Websites are a major part of the Internet. Web designers and developers make these. The key to making a website is to make it user-friendly. User’s experience determines whether they’ll choose to visit the website again or not.


Nowadays, it’s common to see people with smartphones. These phones are playing a very important role in our life. Different types of useful applications are made for users, which can be easily accessed through online stores like; Play store, etc. These apps can be seen in the form of Games, social media platforms, chatting platforms, etc.

Web apps:

Web apps are applications that are stored in a remote server somewhere and are delivered on the Internet by interface known as a browser.

Web site to mobile application converter:

Suppose you have a website, and due to some reasons, you want to expand the availability, by making your website easily accessible for smartphones users. Don’t worry, as now applications are available, which can convert website to app. Following are some of the feature which this tool offers:

Difference between web apps and mobile apps:

Some people might wonder what the difference between web apps and mobile app is. The answer to this question is simple. Web apps are applications that require active Internet connection while, on the other hand, mobile apps can be used in an offline mode. Furthermore, Mobile apps are considered to be efficient and fast.

Extra info:

Following are some of the extra information regarding this article:

  • if you’re facing any problem with the tool, contact the developer of the app.
  • Normally it is seen that many apps have both free versions and paid versions. Paid ones could be without advertisement and could also include some extra features.
  • Web applications do not require to be downloaded as they are accessed through the Internet.
  • Mobile apps may require downloading of updates from time to time.
  • Updates on mobile apps can also be downloaded automatically once an update comes.
  • Make sure you download mobile apps and access web apps through a reliable source.
  • If one has the desire and some skills, he or she can publish their own apps too.
  • Apps are made by using languages like HTML, c#, Java, etc.


Convert your website/web app into native iOS and Android apps now:

When it’s about mixing the low development costs of web apps with the power of native iOS & Android apps and their powerful distribution ecosystems (aka App Store and Play Store), a solution like WebViewGold can be worth taking a look at. The powerful app maker solution wraps your web application/website in a 100% fullscreen iOS and Android app. While not requiring any code, it’s making use of the already existent web application developed by the app provider.

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