☑️ Test 2020: Website to Mobile App Converter Software

Developing an app for your website could look like a difficult thing to do. But, realistically, this is never the case. There is several ready-made software that you use to convert your website to an app in minutes. Several of these software charges a small amount; however, there is also free software for the same function available. Some other software still gives you the alternative of choosing a basic package that is free of charge, while subsequent upgrades attract fees.

The following are the best software that can help you convert your website to an app.

1). iWebKit

iWebKit tool for creating an app from a website has a pretty simple process. The software is user-friendly and straightforward and does not require any knowledge of the principles of HTML. However, users have to read through the manual to get a basic understanding of the tool and the result is only a web app, no real iOS or Android app.


2) apprat.io

Launch your app in style with apprat.io, the visual drag & drop app builder system. No knowledge required. First 30 days free. Cancel any time. Check out


3) WebViewGold

WebViewGold also converts a website to an app using just the URL of the website. It is among the fastest-growing website to app software that is used by most top establishments. Typically, with WebViewGold, your website can be converted to both or either the iOS App and the Android App. Usually, WebViewGold works by you inserting your URL in their iOS and Android app template.

📲 Download the no-coding WebViewGold solution for iOS now

📲 Download the no-coding WebViewGold solution for Android now


4) Firebase

Firebase is another tool for the successful conversion of a website to an app. The software allows businesses to develop their apps from their websites without having to maintain any infrastructure. The software is based on Google technology and has automatic scalability for even the most prominent apps.


5) Appsgeyser

It is the simplest and fastest tool to convert your website into a mobile app. It is a  straightforward software you use to develop your App. The software is free and does not require any form of payment. It doesn’t require any coding and programming skills. So the software can be used by anybody. The website to app converter allows you to develop your App and publish it on Google play store. Among the features of the App is the fact that it is the best website to app converter, after using it, your App can be ready within 2 minutes. It comes with an excess of 70 templates which are free of charge. Lots of guides and tutorials are available to guide first-time users through the process.


6) Mobify

Mobify uses a free model and has an intuitive graphical user as well as add a user-friendly interface. The software helps you develop the App in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the software has its platform for mobile commerce, which is intended to work particularly more rapidly and more practically. It operates online mobile stores efficiently. The software offers both free and charged packages.



The following software makes a website to app conversion easy. They can be used typically by anyone without coding or programming skills. While some may offer free packages, others have a method of charging users, which could be based on subsequent upgrades or revenue sharing from monetized ads displayed on the App.