📲 How to transform your web site into an app for iOS & Android

While a website is a great platform to publicize your business, a mobile app is an excellent tool for engaging your customers. It is a known fact that the average mobile user spends close to 2.5 hours daily on mobile apps. So if you have no mobile app already for your users, you should consider getting one.

Getting a mobile app is not a difficult task. You can convert your existing website to an app.

Converting your website to an android app shouldn’t be that expensive. This can be done simply by converting the website into an app-only by using a plugin.


1). Web2App

Web2App is a WordPress-based plugin that would convert your website into a complete app. The plugin is straightforward to set up. And while it’s set up is secure, the mobile app does not compromise on quality. What makes this app a pocket-friendly alternative are the numerous customizable features. These features can be adapted to suit your needs. However, it is still very much different than mobile apps, which cost thousands of dollars to develop, but the converted app is still worth it. (Only for WordPress pages)

2). WebViewGold

WebViewGold also converts a website to an app using just the URL of the website. It is among the fastest-growing website to app software that is used by most top establishments. Typically, with WebViewGold, your website can be converted to both or either the iOS App and the Android App. Usually, WebViewGold works by you inserting your URL in their iOS and Android app template.

📲 Download the no-coding WebViewGold solution for iOS now

📲 Download the no-coding WebViewGold solution for Android now


3). Mobiloud

Pretty much dissimilar from other plugins on this list, Mobiloud is not a free plugin. Typically, it is an inexpensive service for the creation of mobile apps. With Mobiloud, you get to discuss with the app developers to create an app out of your website. Technically, the team at Mobiloud offers two primary services. They are:

To accurately convert news and conversion blogs into mobile apps

To help primarily, websites with high-traffic in converting into apps

Primarily, with Mobiloud, you don’t get to pay just once as they maintain your mobile app through the following ways:

  • Development of specific android apps.
  • Customizing the logo of your company.
  • Engaging push notifications.
  • And carrying out regular maintenance and updates.


4). Blappsta

Blappsta helps you convert your website to an android app. And it is compatible across many platforms. While they can easily convert your website into android apps, they also offer users extra mobile-friendly features like:

  • Getting a push notification for new posts.
  • Navigations that are customized
  • Customization of the homepage design.
  • Being able to control and organize the positioning of the content of the page.
  • Options to share the app on social media.
  • Options to share with emails.
  • Addition of Google’s deep link indexing

The Blappsta plugin is relatively new compared to all other plugins on this list. It is entirely free to use and not as a tool for previewing converted apps. The preview tool allows you to see what your app looks like as soon as the website to app conversion is complete. This helps you in deciding whether to go ahead or not.


5). AppPresser

This is technically a tool for building apps. It can be integrated simply to WordPress for easy blog or website to app conversion. Though owners of the app have said that it is a simple tool for quickly converting websites to android apps, the app press is not a tool that can be used by people who are non-developers. Technically, the app needs a large number of customizable features for creating the mobile app from scrap your users, so it requires an extra amount of effort to make the app work.

In converting your website to android app with appPress, you shall be using some mobile app functions like:

  • The creation of customized pages from contents on the website.
  • Push notification functionality.
  • Compatibility for WordPress extensions which make it possible to connect to other features like social media, camera, and Google maps.



Any of these techniques can be used to convert your website into an android app. They are all fast and cost-effective solutions to converting your website into an app. Though, these apps still require the same amount of maintenance and attention as every other app or website.