Android WebView: Support For Picking Multiple Files While Using HTML Upload Forms 🚀

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In forms provided on web pages, it may sometimes be necessary to provide fields for file uploads that visitors can use to attach files to the form. If you offer form fields for file <form> uploads, you should pay particular attention to this point when it comes to IT / Server security, since you accept and process external files that could be manipulated. The appearance of the file upload fields can be different in the standard form and depends on the browser. With some browsers, it is common to show a browse button with an input field in which the complete path to the attached file is displayed.

Usually, only one file is selected per file upload field. The <input> form attribute “multiple” can be set for uploading multiple files.

Android WebView apps have often ignored this attribute in the past and only offered to upload one (instead of several) files. However, since version 6.0 of the WebViewGold Android App Template was released, it works by default.