Use An Animated GIFs As A Splash Screen In Your WebView Android App 🎞

close up of spinning fidget spinners

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is somewhere between a still picture and a video. The animations allow us to play scenes from current TV series, to visualize memes or to present reactions in a visual and funny way. The market for GIF images is booming. There are now even a number of online databases and search engines that you can use to search for and then share GIF files.

If we use GIFs in apps, we stand out from the crowd. The app is more interactive, funnier, more dynamic. At first glance, the integration of a GIF as a splash screen of an Android WebView app may seem difficult, since Android Studio only displays the GIF statically and does not animate it. Since version 6.0 of the WebViewGold Android App Template was released, animated GIFs as a splash screen works by default.