5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your App By Yourself 💯

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App development today is still one of the most frustrating topics for many people and companies for various reasons. Few people want to deal with it, preferring to find a service provider who can take everything off their hands. There are good reasons to use an app kit like apprat.io or WebViewGold and build the app by yourself. In this article, we will introduce you to five of these reasons.

Five reasons why you should make your app yourself:

1. Cost Control: App projects with external service providers often turn into real cost orgies or end with unsatisfactory results.

2. Reliability: Even though there is no shortage of online experts and service providers for the development of apps, it is not easy to find reliable and competent service providers who fit all your plans and requirements.

3. Data Control: The increased awareness of the population and new legal foundations (such as the California Consumer Privacy Act or the EU General Data Protection Regulation) makes it more critical than ever to control how customer data is processed and stored.

4. Independence: Changes and updates to the app when working with a service provider or agency? They are not cheap and do not happen overnight. Functional expansion according to your requirements with a modular system like apprat.io or WebViewGold? Easy.

5. Implementation Speed: Speed of implementation is an essential indicator of corporate success in the digital world. Whoever has an idea today should be able to test it with potential customers tomorrow. A dynamic app with short implementation time is an optimal basis for this.

Either way and no matter what you decide: We wish you a lot of fun and success with your app! 🙂