How WebView Technology Works And Why It Is Worth A Look 🎉

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A WebView is an embeddable interface that can be used by a native application to view web content. A native app is one written in the language and UI system uniquely built for a particular platform. The primary advantage of using a web-view to run an application is that your application will work everywhere the web works. Through building a web-based application, you can run it smoothly as a normal web application anywhere the web operates. This allows the ability to build cross-platform applications from a single codebase standardly. Cross-Platform Mobile Apps is the method of developing applications that can be distributed or released on several platforms, e.g., Android, Windows, and iOS, using a common codebase, rather than having multiple codes using the respective native technology for each device. 

This leads to time and cost savings. Since only one cross-platform app needs to be implemented to attain functionality on all platforms instead of various apps, each created from scratch, which would take far less time to meet the same demand with native apps, cross-platform enterprise mobile app development has a quicker turn around than native app development. No special compilers are necessary to convert the code you’ve written into code that operates on a given platform or renderers that can view the application on each platform. It is just normal application programming that is running on the web. Thus using web-view gives helps you to disregard the particulars of the platform on which you choose to run your application. Finally, using web-views also leads to the development of a portable codebase. This means that in the case of converting an existing web interface/application, the HTML / CSS and JavaScript functionality and layout will be retained. This has benefit in that the interface is not changed. Customers find an app problematic and inefficient if different methods are needed to access the same app across different mobile phones (platforms).

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