Google Rejecting WebView Apps – How To Fix It πŸ”‘

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Google rejects all apps that do not comply with its guidelines. Google reviews all submitted/resubmitted apps, evaluates them, and once an app meets all its policies, it is published. If your app does not meet any of their policies, it will be rejected and Google will send you an email to inform you that the app has been rejected.
Recently Google has also sent the following rejection email:

We don’t allow apps whose primary purpose is to provide a WebView of a website, regardless of ownership, or to aggregate content that does not belong to the developer. To resolve this issue, please remove violating content and resubmit your app.

This is surprising, because WebView apps have always been welcome and easy to use guests in the Google Play Store.
But Google will continue to allow WebView-based apps in the future as well, because the reason for rejection is not as general as it sounds at first glance. So don’t worry or be angry.
Consider the following things in order to be confirmed by the Google Review team at the next upload:

  1. The web app embedded in the app should feel native Use responsive design and avoid HTML links or social media headers/footers.
  2. The web app should be yours; no external content should be loaded that you do not own.
  3. Always use the latest version of WebViewGold
    If you are not able to know the reason for the rejection or are unable to fix it, please contact the WebViewGold team; they will help you to solve the rejection problem.