[HOW TO FIX ⚙️] WKWebView Geolocation not working on iOS 14


Apps that use WKWebView to get location data from HTML 5 Geolocation API are in trouble on iOS 14. The location does not work in some cases.

This was not a problem in iOS 12 and iOS 13, where the geolocation typically works easy and reliable (no code changes, so it has to be iOS-related).

So, how to fix this annoying geolocation bug? There is some excellent news for you! Just upgrade your WebView app project to the latest WebViewGold version, which uses the newest technology instead of old APIs. This app template is built for the future. There you go:

  • Download the WebViewGold app template for iOS 14+ here.
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  • Done! Just resubmit, and this time the geolocation works 🙂

Cheers, and enjoy!