How to submit Android apps to the Google Play Store 🎉

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If you want to publish an app in the Google Play Store, you will need the following in addition to the above framework for your app:

– a regular Google account

– a developer account linked to it

– a credit card

First, go to the Google developer page and link your Google account to the Developer Console if you haven’t already done so. Of course, you can also create your own Google account specifically for development work beforehand, and you don’t necessarily have to use your possibly private account.
Next, follow the steps on the screen. First, you need to read and accept the “Developer Agreement.” After that, there is a one-time fee of $25 for registering your app, which you pay by credit card. Then, complete your developer profile and upload your app as a signed “.apk” file.
You will now be taken to the administration page for your app. Here you can manage your app versions, specify supported smartphones, set Play Store preferences, and specify and view much other information. Mandatory for publishing your app are the following items:
Upload screenshots of your app, which will later be displayed in the Play Store.
Enter a title, a short description, and a detailed description of your app.
Set a graphic and the category.
Then look at the other fields and decide where you might want to make further entries and specifications. After you have submitted your app and allowed a certain waiting period, your app will be listed in the Play Store after a Google review.

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