How To Monetize Your iOS & Android WebView Apps With The Facebook Audience Network 💸


When you search for a platform to display ads on iOS and Android apps, you will get to know about Facebook’s Audience Network. Especially on WebView apps on iOS and Android, this becomes very relevant for easy app monetization. Because if you convert your website to iOS app or convert your web app into Android APK, you want not only to benefit from access to the App Store and Play Store ecosystems but also monetize your apps through ads, right?

89% of digital marketers have experience with this advertisement network. Huge number, right? But, have you ever imagine why? 

With this article, you will get to know what Facebook’s Audience Network is, why you should use the Audience Network, types of Audience Network ads format, why you should use interstitial ads, and how to join Facebook’s Audience Network many more. 

Are you excited? If yes, then stick till the end of this article. You will also get a bonus tip. So, first of all, we shall consider what Facebook’s Audience Network is? 

What is the Facebook Audience Network? 

Facebook launched its Audience Network in the year 2014. Facebook Audience Network is an advertising network that enables us to display ads into developer’s iOS and Android apps. 

In this Audience Network, you get the same targeting tools as with regular Facebook ads. Additionally, you can reach a bigger audience who are using all kinds of different apps. 

You can monetize your app using this tool. The formats are more flexible that fits their design. As a result, the user experience would be great, and the ad will perform better. 

Advantages of Facebook Audience Network 

The most significant advantage of ‘FAN’ is that you will reach an audience who don’t even use Facebook. Consequently, you can attract a whole new audience inaccessible to you via your regular Facebook ads. Also, it gradually increases reach and allows ads to “follow” users across multiple devices and platforms. 

The second advantage of using the Facebook advertising network is that you can still use all the familiar campaign objectives, even though ads are placed off Facebook. 

Another advantage of using the Facebook Audience Network is that you can lower your CPC on your ad campaigns. Consequently, you can afford more placements on more high-ticket placements. 

The Audience Network offers native and interstitial ads, which essentially up the user experience. It also increases your CPR because the Facebook Audience Network impressions offer a greater sea to fish out of. 

Facebook says, 40% of the top 500 apps are integrated with Facebook’s Audience Network. 

Another reason to place ads on ‘FAN’ is that Facebook runs out of space for advertisement in its news feed.
Your ads may stand out more in an app in comparison to Facebook’s news feed. 

Types of Facebook Audience Network ads 

Before placing an advertisement, it is crucial to learn about the ad’s format. It is essential to use a suitable format according to the ad. 

Facebook advertisement network provides you with different options: 

Banner ads: 

Banner ads are small ads. This type of ad can appear anywhere in the app. These are good to start using in your app so that you can monetize quickly. 

Usually, in a 320*50 or 300*50 pixels banner, the ad can be static and animated. It usually clutters the top or the bottom of the screen resulting in ineffective & accidental clicks. However, if appropriately implemented, it can be non-intensive and does not interrupt the user experience. 

Another weakness of the standard banner ads is that when users tap on a banner, they’ll be redirected to the landing page, learning the content or app they are on, thus disrupting the user experience.
To mitigate the user experience problem, switch to an expandable ad that doesn’t disrupt the user experience. 

To make this ad format work, your banner design needs a careful balance with subtle eye-catching content yet not too distracting from the app experience. 

Rewarded video ads:

The rewarded video ad is a full-screen ad format that can help you monetize while increasing engagement with your user, giving users the option to watch a video in exchange for something. 

Usually in-game reward. Because users have the power of choice, they don’t have to see ads they’re not interested in.
And the ads they do see are presented in full. 

That dynamic allows users to build monetization into the mechanics of their games. They are offering different paths within an adventure or items that affect gameplay. And that is the key. 

Native ads:

Native ads match the form and function of a publisher’s platform. It could be made up of lots of different content, video, infographics, article, podcasts, and more. 

Native ads on the Facebook Audience Network allow you to tailor different elements in your ad placement. With this format, you can match the look and feel of your app. 

You can generate more revenues with this unobtrusive format. The native ads feel organic, which are likely to get noticed and clicked. 

What are interstitial ads, and why you should use them

Interstitial ads are flexible and designed to create a seamless user experience. It covers the entire mobile screen at the size of 320*480 pixels. 

This is the most popular size as it allows more context, a more straightforward call to action, and allows more creative content such as videos, a store locator, and many others. 

An interstitial ad with video is sometimes called a videostitial ad as well. Interstitials can offer animated and interactive rich material content, allowing more engagement on your ads, brand performance lift & recall. 

An interstitial ad usually appears during crucial moments, during mobile navigations such as an app, browsing between pages, or between games. 

It requires user action to click a button to close the ad or swipe to navigate the desired content. 

Interstitials are effective because it has a large space for your content and it has an ability to grab the user’s attention, especially when its shown full screen on mobile. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about mistaken clickthrough as it only appears between pages while an app is in use. 

According to many advertising experts, interstitial ads are best placed within games with levels. 

Interstitials performance has been reported to be good, with 2*3 higher click-through rates, and it also produces better conversions than standard banner ads. 

How to join the Facebook Advertising Network

Joining the Facebook Audience Network is extremely easy. You can create an Audience Network account in only 15-20 minutes. Just follow these steps: 

Set up your account: 

To set up your account, you need to create a Facebook business manager account, or if you already have an account, just sign in. After that, you have to log into the monetization manager. 

A monetization manager is a place where you can manage your ad campaign. 

Add app or website: 

After setting up your account, you have to add all the details of your app or website. After that, the Audience Network’s team will review your application, whether it complies with policies or not. 

Create your placements:

You can easily set up your placements of ad format such as interstitials, native or rewarded video ads. You will need to integrate the Audience Network SDK (app) or code (web). 

Start earning revenues: 

After creating placements, now you have only to add the payment information and publish your updated app. You will receive payments on your bank account monthly. 

Enable Facebook Audience Network using WebViewGold app template 

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Facebook Audience Network is an outstanding opportunity for marketers and owners of apps and websites. It provides advanced tracking technology while determining the ad format and campaign types. It is clearly a leading trend for digital marketers. The person who is not taking advantage of this technology is one step behind in his/her proper revenues.
So if you want to stay a step towards your opponents, then use the power of the Audience Network along with the WebViewGold app template because one of the easiest solution to use the Facebook Audience Network in WebView apps on iOS and Android is to download the WebViewGold app template which has Facebook Audience Network functionality built-in.