4 No-Code And Low-Code Trends In 2021

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How will no-code and low-code evolve and how can people prepare for it? These no-code technology trends have a future. Here are a few selected technology trends:

1: More gig economy
Even though the gig economy has been around for a while in the no code sphere and is here to stay, it is becoming increasingly important to many people since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Many people lost their jobs – businesses are reluctant to recruit new employees right now. This is why many are turning to the gig economy. Companies thus prefer to give orders to gig workers due to a lack of planning ability. In this way, the task is completed, but the worker is not permanently tied to the company. Many job seekers are currently trying their hand at self-employment or freelancing. Platform work is a popular option for this.

2: More cloud and centralized storage
In cloud computing, customers use IT services such as software, storage space, or computing power via data networks. When it comes to IT modernization, the cloud is irreplaceable. Because using the cloud means that customers and employees always have all their data at their fingertips and can easily share it with each other.

3: IT support in the home office
For companies with a large number of employees in the home office, the risk of equipment faults or security breaches causing problems in the home office naturally also increases. This is again a solid challenge for companies and an equally solid revenue potential for providers like TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

4: More no-code in general
Today, no one needs to know a few code logics to build digital solutions. Tools like WebViewGold, apprat.io and WordPress enable no-code, low-cost apps and websites for everyone.

Making the best out of these four trends should help you get the most out of no-code technology! The future is exciting! Good luck!