Swipe gestures in Android WebView apps [HOW TO ⚙️]

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Android WebView is a system web browser running on Android. It is used to embed web pages in another android app. A swipe gesture in Android WebView is the action of dragging the screen in one direction, thereby scrolling that window’s content.

The swiping gesture has been adopted by Google Chrome for mobile phone devices. Swiping with two fingers either left or right scrolls the page horizontally, while slower swipes are for page scrolling vertically. As soon as a cut-off value is reached, the previous or next page is displayed, allowing click-free browser navigation. WebViewGold for Android also supports this feature on Android devices and you can use it to navigate within a webpage without having to touch links and buttons. Just set ENABLE_SWIPE_NAVIGATE to true in Config.java to enable navigation by swiping left or right to move back or forward a page.