Why use OneSignal Push Deeplinking in WebView-based iOS apps? 📶

Female entrepreneur checking notifications

OneSignal Push Deeplinking in WebView-based iOS apps is a feature that allows publishers to easily add links to their push notifications in their iOS app.

The simplest way for app publishers to implement deep linking is by using OneSignal Push and WebViewGold for iOS. This approach does not require them to make any changes in their current workflows and reduces the time it takes to get up and run with SDKs (as OneSignal SDK is already part of the app template).

OneSignal is a push notification service for web, iOS, and Android that can send messages to users. For mobile developers, it offers a variety of features such as analytics insights and mobile marketing automation features.

The OneSignal Push Deeplinking feature is available for all supported platforms, not just iOS: WebViewGold for iOS will detect when a user clicks a URL from an app or website and automatically offers an option to open that URL in your iOS WebView instead of the Safari browser.

This approach can make a great use case, especially for social media posts, blog posts, and other dynamic content types in your iOS WebView app.