Android WebView & Pull to refresh: How to implement it? 👨🏼‍💻

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Pull to refresh is a popular feature in many Android apps. It provides an easy way to update the data on your screen. The user just needs to pull down from the top of the screen, and the data will be updated. Pull to refresh is one of the most popular UX patterns today. It’s used in social media, chat apps, news feeds, and more. But how to integrate Pull to Refresh in Android WebView apps?

There are two ways that you can implement pull to refresh in your Android application:

– You can use a third-party library

– You can use your custom implementation. This option is more complicated but provides greater flexibility for customization

A straightforward approach is the open-source WebViewGold for Android solution, a Java app template for Android Studio.

Within, just turn ENABLE__PULL_REFRESH to true – and that’s it! Enjoy Pull To Refresh in your Android WebView app!