Android Advertising ID in WebView Apps (required for Android 13 and above)

Female hands with a phone on the screen of which an advertisement for shopping online

An Android Advertising ID, also known as an Ad ID, is a unique identifier that is used to track the user’s activity and collect information about their interests.

The Ad ID is a string of letters and numbers that can be found in an Android device’s settings. This identifier can be used by advertisers to create and manage campaigns with Google Ads. It is also possible for users to generate multiple ad IDs if they want to use different accounts for different purposes on the same device. The Ad ID associates with a user’s Google account and allows them to see ads related to their interests without having to share any personal information. The Ad ID also enables advertisers on Google Ads to better understand whom they are targeting, which in turn helps them improve their campaigns.

Android 13 will require to declare the use of ad ID in Google Play’s Data safety section.

The good news: It’s easy to activate. If you use WebViewGold for Android, you just need to update to version 10.3 and nothing else 😉 Or just add <uses-permission android:name=””/> to your AndroidManifest.xml of WebViewGold for Android to support Advertising ID in WebView-based Android apps.