The Best No-Code Business Ideas for Startups & Entrepreneurs

No-code business ideas are a great way to start your business. This article will teach you how to initiate a no-code business, the benefits of starting a no-code business, and some examples of no-code companies.

The idea is that anyone can start a no-code business with little or no coding skills. It is up to you what type of product or service you want to offer. Here are some inspirations on how to start a business with no-code approaches:

  • Convert your website to an app. Turn your website into a mobile app with one of the many tools (like WebViewGold) available that help you design and manage an app without knowing code. Some platforms (like WebViewGold) even allow you to publish your app on Google Play and Apple App Store, opening up a whole new ecosystem with billions of customers.
  • Automate marketing. Automating marketing campaigns is a great way to increase your ROI. Look for a marketing automation software solution that will help you build more targeted customer profiles and execute successful email, social media, and conversion marketing campaigns.
  • Offer a course. A lucrative way to start an online business is by becoming a certified coach. This can be different from the typical self-help workshop, which will be a one-off, whereas coaching tends to be more extended and in-depth. Maximize your marketing reach by implementing marketing software solutions that automate tasks like lead generation and email outreach. With the increased demand for digital marketing experts, there is a need for intelligent automation to help keep costs down and make sure more qualified prospects are being contacted.
  • Become a Zapier expert. Start a consulting business in your area and teach others how to use Zapier for their business. Zapier users often want to learn more about zapier and need assistance in applying use cases to their business model. Offer your expertise to help them get the most out of the platform. You can start by automating all of your everyday tasks and flows and later become a Zapier expert as a consultant.
  • Develop apps without code. Apps are a huge market, with developers earning hundrets of billions $ dollars annually. Start with a platform like to easily create simple apps and then monetize them through one-time app payments, ads, or premium upgrades.

We wish you much success with these ideas and your own no-code business. We are confident that many people will be inspired by the examples included in this guide and are excited to see the innovators leading next-generation no-code enterprises.