Why should you use the camera in WebView apps?

Friends taking a selfie

Nowadays, apps are the best way to get things done. More people than computers use them because they are more portable and easy to use. We can take pictures, make a video, find directions and even learn a new language with simple taps on our phone screens. Apps have affected the customer service industry too. With companies like Uber, we no longer need to worry about drivers coming to pick us up or drive us where we need to go: we can summon them through our apps, and they will come immediately. This is just one of the many ways people use their smartphones for tasks that would require a computer just a few years ago. There are just too many possible scenarios for why you should use Camera in WebView apps on iOS and Android: It doesn’t matter if it’s about a scanner app, a cooking app, or anything else. Moreover, sometimes it’s just about fun, aka enhancing the User Experience by adding camera functionality to your app built with WebView technology, even if it’s not required.

No matter what you decide, some of the most straightforward solutions are to use WebViewGold or Apache Cordova, as it already has camera support built-in.