Eliminating Duplicate Media Permission Requests in iOS Webviews: A Guide for Developers

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Duplicate media permission requests in iOS webviews can be a frustrating experience for both developers and users. These requests occur when a website or web application prompts the user for permission to access their camera or microphone multiple times, even after the user has already granted permission.

To avoid duplicate media permission requests in iOS webviews, there are a few steps that developers can take.

  1. Keep track of the user’s permission status: When a user grants permission to access their camera or microphone, developers should store that information in a variable or database. This way, the next time the user visits the website or web application, the developer can check the permission status and only prompt the user if permission has not already been granted.
  2. Use the MediaDevices API: The MediaDevices API allows developers to check for the user’s permission status for a specific media device (e.g. camera or microphone) without prompting the user for permission. This can be useful for determining whether or not to prompt the user for permission in the first place.
  3. Use the navigator.permissions API: This API allows developers to query the current state of a permission and subscribe to changes to the permission state. This can be used to check the user’s permission status and to avoid prompting the user if they have already granted permission.
  4. Use the navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(): This API is used to request access to the camera or microphone, but it returns a promise that will be resolved only if the user has granted permission.

By implementing these steps, developers can ensure that users are not prompted for permission multiple times, providing a better user experience. And one extra point 😉 is here:

  1. Always try to use the latest web technologies, as they are more efficient, secure and up-to-date.

Note: Keep in mind that all the above points are based on the webview’s implementation of the web API’s and it may vary from one webview to another.

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