Implementing Deeplinking / Custom URL Schemes in WebView Apps on macOS

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Deeplinking (“Custom URL Scheme”) is a powerful approach that allows users to navigate to a specific page or section of an app directly from an external source such as a website, email, or another app. This technology has become increasingly important in recent years as mobile devices and applications have become ubiquitous. In the context of the macOS app template from WebViewGold, deeplinking allows developers to create links that launch the app and take users to a specific page within the app.

Deeplinking can be a powerful tool for both users and developers. For users, deeplinking provides a seamless experience, allowing them to quickly and easily navigate to the specific content they are looking for within an app. For developers, deeplinking can be a valuable marketing tool, enabling them to create links that can be shared across various channels and promoting specific features or content within their app.

Implementing deeplinking in the WebViewGold for macOS app template is relatively simple and can be followed in the documentation.