Books & Tools: How to become a (better) Scrum Master the creative way! ⚙️

back view of scrum master standing near board with sticky notes

It’s not just a buzzword but also an important job: A Scrum Master is responsible for the team’s productivity and discipline. She/he/they ensure that development projects are delivered and completed on time. In general, a Scrum Master is a person who has expertise in the specific domain the product or service belongs to, like marketing or engineering. Still, in general, it’s also a management job. A Scrum Master has three responsibilities:

1. Enforcing the process and making sure that it remains unchanged.

2. Setting goals for the team and making sure they are achieved in a timely manner.

3. Supporting members of the team to overcome any blocking problem.

Sounds interesting? Let’s see how books & tools can help create value while becoming a (better) Scrum Master.

Top 8 Books on Agile Project Management For Scrum Masters

The books in this list are always worth reading, and the list includes a variety of topics ranging from software development to product management:

  • “Agile and Lean Program Management” by Mary Lynn Manns and Janet Gregory
  • “Agile Project Management for Dummies” by Jane Cleland-Huang
  • “The Scrum Guide: The Definitive Guide to Scrum: The Rules of the Game” by Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber
  • “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice As Much in Half the Time” by Jeff Sutherland, Jody Thompson
  • “Leading Lean Software Development” by Johanna Rothman
  • “The Agile Samurai” by Jim Highsmith, Mary Lynn Manns, and Brandon Myers
  • “Running Lean” by Ash Maurya
  • “Business Process Improvement for Dummies” by Jeanette Baken and Chris Moore (Editors)

Top 8 No-Code Tools For Scrum Masters 

With the help of agile project management tools, a project becomes more manageable and straightforward to track. Project managers use software tools because they help in managing the project, help in controlling the whole team members, and they also provide collaborating with other teams. Agile project management tools are used in every part of a company – from product development to marketing. Agile PMs are also used for personal projects where you are working alone so that you can easily track progress and set deadlines. Also, MVP software & no-code tools are excellent tools that help Scrum Master produce high-quality technical solutions, MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), or mockups (for the developer team) at an economical cost. These tools can help: 

  • Jira
  • WebViewGold
  • Trello
  • Targetprocess
  • nTask
  • QuickScrum
  • Pivotal Tracker

Please don’t make a mistake: Scrum Masters are essential, and they prevent project delays by being proactive in communication with stakeholders, being aware of any risks or roadblocks, providing status updates, and providing direction when needed. Therefore, they deserve the best tools and insights.