Transforming Your Noodl Web App into a Mobile App with WebViewGold

As the no-code movement gains traction, platforms like Noodl have become a go-to for creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses that want to build web apps without getting deep into coding. But what if you wanted to take that Noodl web app and turn it into a mobile application available on the App Store or Google Play? One option coming to mind is WebViewGold, a powerful web-to-app template that has been bridging the gap between web content and mobile app platforms since 2015. And if you’re looking for an even more hands-off approach, WeSetupYourWebViewApp is here to take care of everything for you. This article is a deep dive into how you can marry the capabilities of Noodl with WebViewGold to create a seamless mobile app experience for your audience.

What is Noodl?

Noodl is a versatile visual development platform that harnesses the power of low-code development, complemented by AI capabilities. This innovative platform expedites the creation of a wide range of applications, granting users control over both front-end user experiences and back-end functionality. Noodl is used by a wide range of users, from enterprises to agile startups and creative agencies. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for rapidly bringing user-centric ideas to market, offering a flexible and customizable approach to application development. With Noodl, the possibilities are limitless

Why Consider Turning Your Noodl Web App into a Mobile App?

While web apps are fantastic and offer universal accessibility, mobile apps bring a range of benefits:

1. Better User Engagement: Mobile apps can utilize device features, leading to richer user experiences.

2. iOS & Android Push Notifications: Mobile apps can receive native iOS & Android Push Notifications, e.g., via Firebase or OneSignal.

3. Visibility: Being present on platforms like the App Store and Google Play can boost your brand’s visibility and trust.

Step-by-Step Guide: From Noodl to Mobile App using WebViewGold

1. Create Your Noodl Web App:

Start by designing your web app on Noodl. Noodl’s intuitive interface makes this process straightforward, even for beginners.

2. Get the WebViewGold app template or order WeSetupYourWebViewApp service:

Purchase and download the WebViewGold template for either iOS or Android, depending on where you want to deploy your app. Or order WeSetupYourWebViewApp service for an all-inclusive experience, even possible with app upload + submission service.

3. Integrate Your Noodl App with WebViewGold:

Look for the section where you can input your web app’s URL. Here, enter the URL of your Noodl web app. Customize other settings, such as splash screen, navigation, and push notifications as per your needs.

4. Test Your Mobile App:

Before submitting it to the App Store or Play Store, test the app on different devices. This ensures it functions well and offers a seamless experience.

5. Submit to the App Store/Play Store:

Once satisfied, prepare your app for submission. This includes creating an app icon, taking screenshots for the store listing, and writing an app description. Or order app submission service to save some time and energy.

6. Regular Updates:

Remember, just as you update your Noodl web app, changes will be reflected automatically in your native apps too. However, you might need to occasionally update your mobile app, especially if there are significant changes in device lineups. 


Turning your Noodl web app into a mobile app isn’t just about reaching a wider audience; it’s about offering your users versatility and a richer experience. WebViewGold, along with its associated service WeSetupYourWebViewApp, offers a smooth transition for Noodl users who want to explore the mobile app realm. So, why restrict yourself to just the web? Let your Noodl creation shine bright on home screens of mobile platforms too! Convert your Noodl web app to an app right now!