Some Popular Productivity Apps for Your Daily Workflows

If you want to achieve your success, you need to prepare everything in advance. It is a good idea for you to boost your productivity by using the best apps for yourself. There are some recommended apps that you can install on your mobile device, so you can stop wasting time every day. These productivity apps are recommended for all customers because they can allow you to get more work done in a very short time. You will be more productive than ever before when you use any of these tools today. You can read a lot of good reviews that are written by some users from these apps.


This is one of the most popular productivity apps that you can use every day. This software stands for “If This, Then That”. It is a platform that allows you to create custom animations between any online services or devices. You can create a sequence, for example, if there is an event on the Google Calendar, then send me a reminder with the event name, address, or time. When you let this IFTTT do some small tasks for you, you can have energy and time to be productive in your life. This software is recommended for you who want to save a lot of your time every day.


This software allows you to plan all of your daily activities easily. This software is specially created to help you keep your schedule on track. Some features are available in software, for example, reminders, notes, and task assignments. You can synchronize any tasks among your phone, desktop, tablets, and any other devices, so you can get access to your to-do lists at any time you want. It also comes with a calendar integration that is available for the better task list management. This software is available in the free and premium version with some additional advanced features.

c. 1Password

If you need to have a good app for remembering all of your passwords on any websites, you can consider using this software today. It is one of the best productivity apps that you can use for saving your energy and time. You don’t need to spend your energy on remembering all passwords that you have for any websites. You can store many things within this 1Password software, for example, credit card information, bank account, passports, licenses, login info for any apps or websites, etc. It comes with an end-to-end encryption system, so everything is stored safely inside this software.

d. Just Press Record

This productivity app is available for iOS devices, such as iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. It is a versatile recording app that has some useful features, such as easy note-taking, built-in transcription, notification widget, etc. This app allows you to transcribe speech with any different languages supported. Recordings can be sorted based on time or file size. All files inside this software can be renamed, so you can find your favorite recording files at any time you want. All recordings and transcriptions can be synchronized into the iCloud system

e. Stayfocusd

Many people are interested in using this powerful browser extension in their daily life. This extension can keep you productive by blocking some distracting websites. You can block any distractions by setting up times and dates. You can also block any websites after you’ve reached a limit, for example, 30-minutes limit of any websites per day. This browser extension is available for all users for free without additional costs. It can be the best tool that you can use for improving your self-discipline when focusing your time on your working activities.

There are many other apps that you can use for improving your productivity in your daily life. You can combine some of these apps in your mobile device, so you can achieve the best result every day. Improving your productivity is very useful to help you get a lot of things to be done in your daily life. You can try any of those apps before you decide to select the best one for yourself. Some of those apps are free, while some other apps are premium versions. You can review any of those apps, so you can find the best productivity apps that are suitable for your needs.

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